Google, there is an app in the pipeline to easily switch from iOS to Android: new clues

Over the years, changing smartphones has increasingly become a practical and painless step, with guided procedures that allow you to transfer accounts, data and personalizations right from the first use, in order to immediately find a familiar environment.

Or at least: as long as you stay on the same platform, switching from one Android device to another, or switching iPhones, things go smoothly. When it comes to move data from iOS to Android, things get more complicated. And this is an aspect that can easily discourage many users who, to minimize problems, tend to stay within the confines of their comfort zone, perhaps giving up a passage to the other platform.

So Google has been busy building the tools that can facilitate this procedure: after the guides and some exclusive Pixel tools, last summer the first clues of aapp designed for this scenario.


Specifically, it is theapp for iOS “Switch to Android“(” Switch to Android “, simply), of which have been unearthed new tracks from colleagues of 9to5Google within the code of the latest version of Google’s “Data Recovery Tool”, which currently supports transfer from Android to other Android devices. Thanks to the new string of code, we not only have proof that Google is gradually continuing to work to simplify the transition from iOS to the green robot, but also a preview of which steps it will be possible to manage starting from the app.

In fact, the code contains an indication that reads:

To copy photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos, follow the instructions in the Switch to Android app or learn more at

The reference to the new app is explicit, while the suggested link refers to a support page that contains the instructions to request the transfer photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos: the iOS app, among other things, most likely points to simplify and streamline this procedure as well (which can also be implemented today by following the various steps illustrated by Google).

We do not know when Mountain View will develop the “Switch to Android” app and will want to release it: at the moment we know that it is in the pipeline only by inference starting from external references that mention it, so we ignore how advanced the work is (but at least we know that Google has not abandoned the project, on the contrary), and it is difficult to make predictions.

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