Google releases the first beta of Android 13: how to install it on compatible Pixels

In line with its roadmap, Google has made the first beta of Android 13 available for compatible Pixel smartphones, sanctioning the definitive exit from Developer Preview phase the second version of which was released in early April. The move to the Beta version indicates a further step forward in development.

Unlike Android 12, which brought with it some notable changes, Android 13 seems to be primarily focused on increasing privacy and security. In fact, most of the features present are those that Google announced earlier this year, including a new Quick Setting and the ability to set different languages ​​for each app. In this beta, Do Not Disturb returns, which had been replaced by Priority Mode.

Regarding privacy, Android 13 now uses more detailed permissions for any app that requires access to media files. Rather than requiring access to all types of media files, any app that accesses the photos, videos or audio files will need to ask the user for access to all three of these respective types of content.

In this first beta there are also some new audio routing APIs that allow you to generate a list of devices that can play a specific media file and show if a user can play the audio stream directly. These options may be related to the tap-to-transfer function.

With today’s release, therefore, we are approaching the public release scheduled for towards the end of the summer. Those who have a compatible Pixel (Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro), should be able to easily install this beta by subscribing to the program on the appropriate page.

Android 13 Beta is now available in addition to Android 12 Beta and you can register your device to one of the available beta programs. If you are still on Android 12 Beta, your Pixel will automatically continue to receive future Android 12 Quarterly Platform Releases (QPRs) Beta updates. To switch to the Android 13 beta, you must first unregister your device from Android 12 beta (which may require deletion of data).

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