Google Pixel Watch Spotted Again; and it could be close to launch

There are still signs of the existence of the Pixel Watch, or in any case it will be called the first Google smartwatch: this time it is the stainless Evan Blass, also known as Evleaks, to return to the question. Very few details: just a screenshot, of unclear provenance, but with the indication of a code name, Rohan, already associated with the device several times in the past, and a currently unreleased software version, 3.1. The source – which, it is worth remembering, is one of the most reliable and with the longest career in the entire scene of technological leaks – merely adds that now not much is missing.

How manyit is, however, more difficult to determine exactly. There are three particularly probable dates: 11 or 12 May, in conjunction with the annual I / O 2022 conference, the presentation could take place, while in July there would be actual availability for purchase. Or it could all be postponed to October, together with the next-generation top-of-the-range Pixels. The words of Blass, and the fact that we are already talking about interactive demos, let us think that we will actually have some updates next month, but who knows.

Google is a major player in the smartwatch industry, with its Wear OS platform (formerly known as Android Wear), and is also owner of Fitbit yet so far it has never presented itself with a “hero product” in the category. The rumors about it when instead of Pixel we talked about Nexus, but apparently some lost bets in the hardware innovation sector (in particular the control with Project Soli radar gesture) prevented the event.

At present, concrete information on the Pixel Watch is extremely scarce. Render released previously, but now some time ago, indicated a round dial and a very discreet and minimalist look. It is easy to assume advanced heart rate monitoring and other functions thanks to Fitbit’s know-how. There is also talk of a very generous storage memory, equal to 32 GB, but we do not go further.

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