Google Pixel, April patches change the ringtone without warning

It seems that the april patch they brought a new one bug in home Pixel: smartphones change without notifying ringtone, notification tone and alarm. The reports are multiplying on the internet, and concern all the models that have received the patches (that is, from the Pixel 3a and 3a XL onwards, including the current Pixel 6 and 6Pro flagships). The most curious fact is that apparently the audio clips chosen by the system are completely random, and often they are not even selectable as a ringtone: to one of the colleagues of 9to5googlefor example, the smartphone has set the sound of the start of video recording and that of the start of reverse charge.

The bug manifests itself both to users with patches released in the stable channel and to those who are testing the third QPR (Quarterly Platform Release, formerly known as Feature Drop): April patches are included with Beta 2 released less than a week ago. At this point it is not clear if it is possible that, once the tones are restored, the system will change them again or if it happens only once. Let’s say that for now there are no reports that indicate the first scenario, but maybe it’s a matter of time.

Not all Pixels updated to the April patches appear to have the problem, only a subset; however, a common reason could not be determined. Difficult to establish a precise percentage or number, but let’s say it can happen – better take a tour in the settings and check that everything is correct, just to be sure. For the moment, Google has not publicly expressed itself on the matter. If you were left with the default tones and do not know what they are called, we would like to point them out:

  • Ringtone: The Big Adventure
  • Notifications: Popcorn
  • Alarm clock: Bright Morning

(updated February 28, 2022, 09:22 am)

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