Google Pixel 6a faces Geekbench and beats Pixel 6

The curious thing is that, comparing the results recorded by Pixel 6a with those of his older brother Pixel 6it turns out that the new model – thought to be the cheapest of the Google flagship family – scored slightly better both in single-core (1.050 of Pixel 6a against 1.044 of Pixel 6), and in multi-core (2.833 against 2.758 always to the advantage of Pixel 6a).

In fact, such close numbers fall within the fluctuations that may occur between one measurement and another. More than an indicator of a performance advantage, therefore, the benchmark should be a reassurance that Pixel 6a will guarantee performance comparable to that of the superior model.

On the other hand, the core of the Pixel 6a will be the same as the Pixel 6, namely the SoC Tensor developed by Google and which made its debut just last year: it is easy to imagine, therefore, that the performances can be superimposed.

But from the step up Geekbench a difference also emerges, namely that relating to the quantity of RAM: Pixel 6a has 6 GB (but it may not be the only cut available), whereas Pixel 6 instead mounts 8.

For the rest, according to rumors Pixel 6a should have a design in line with that seen on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (and we even know that not even Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will change too much), a 6.2-inch Full HD + display with refresh rate a 90Hza battery of 4,800 mAh with fast charging support a 30W and finally three cameras, with the front from 8 MP, and the two rear ones (main and wide angle) both from 12 MP.

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