Google Pixel 6, new bug: refuses calls without the user’s knowledge

It seems that some Google Pixel smartphones reject calls automatically without the user’s knowledge. For now the reports are few but enough to start building a “case”. One user in particular on Reddit said the problem occurred at least four times within a week; the phone does not ring, the display does not turn on and there is no missed call notification. It is only noted in the call log and is shown in red as any missed call.

Note that some of these calls came from contacts saved in the address book, not from unknown numbers. This specific user owns a Pixel 6 Pro, and the bulk of the reports concern both the latest generation flagship models, but there are also ones relating to older units – it even goes back to the Pixel 2 XL in one case. On the caller’s side, the feedback is that the phone call goes directly to the answering machine, as if the smartphone were turned off.

At the moment it has not been possible to identify a plausible cause of the error. It appears that the “smart” software features which could be related in some way, such as spam filtering, do not disturb or “flip to shhh”, do not affect; and the same is true for specific characteristics of the cellular network, given that the reports come from almost any operator (at least in the USA).

Net of the usual generic procedures, such as resetting the network settings and restoring the entire device to factory settings, no concrete and functional workaround emerged. Most of the reports note that the problem occurred after installing the April update (of course it does not count for older models as they did not receive it). Google has not yet intervened publicly. In short, for now there are many uncertainties and few useful answers. Has it happened to you? On what device?

(updated February 28, 2022, 09:22 am)

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