Google News blocked in Russia

Google’s news aggregator adds to the list of platforms and services blocked in Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. The news agencies Reuters and Tass report specifying the reasons that led to the Roskomnadzor – the Russian communications authority – to take the decision to restrict access to Google News.

The reason is linked to the diffusion through Google News of numerous materials containing unreliable trend information of the “special military operation in Ukraine(cit. from press Tass). Google intervened on the affair, confirming that the difficulties encountered by Russian users in accessing the News service are not attributable to technical problems.

The decision is in line with those already adopted in recent weeks by Russia which led to the blackout of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – a few days ago the Moscow court ruled that Meta is guilty of extremist activity. The tech giants and the European Union on the other hand have responded by blocking the media considered essential parts of the Kremlin’s media machine – see. the measures against Sputnik and RT.

In the meantime, there are those who are gearing up to circumvent the prohibitions imposed by the Moscow government, using VPNs or by pre-downloading content that it is believed may become inaccessible in the future due to censorship, as in the case of Wikipedia.

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