Google Nest Hub is updated: the app drawer arrives … but also the boot loops

In the past few days, Google has sent a system update to its Nest Hub smart displays with significant changes to the graphical interface: among the news there is even an app drawerthus confirming rumors that date back to last summer, vaguely similar to the one found on Android or Chrome OS (it is invoked by swiping from the bottom edge of the page, then the organization of the apps and links is a little different, optimized for the particular form factor. The rest seems more or less unchanged. Google hasn’t made any big announcements about it, but thanks to a Reddit user we can give it a quick look:

Apparently the update is in distribution on Nest Hub Max and 2nd Gen Nest Hub only. The first generation one (which was called Google Home Hub at the time) seems to be excluded for now. Apparently the build of the operating system is characterized by the following codes:

  • Chromecast firmware version: 1.56.290464
  • Software version:

Colleagues from 9to5google have also published a gallery of images showing the main news:

Unfortunately the update causes rather serious problems on some devices – boot loops, to be precise. It is not clear why this happens to someone while others continue to work perfectly, the fact is that the first attempts at collective troubleshooting have found three solutions, which we list in order of “drasticity”:

  1. reboot from the Google Home app (if the device is seen by the app of course).
  2. disconnecting the device from the power outlet for a few minutes and reconnecting.
  3. reset to factory settings using a combination of the volume keys.

It seems that finally the third point is able to recover all the devices involved, and that there are no units left blocked in an irreversible way (or at least that require sending to assistance).

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