Google, initiative for easier-to-repair school Chromebooks

Google has launched a program of repairability for school Chromebooks: is a new strategy in the battle for supremacy in the education sector, which comes just days after Microsoft’s last major offensive, called Windows 11 SE. The Mountain View giant illustrated the program yesterday on the dedicated Google for Education blog.

The post is also very peculiar to a series of rather important statements on the environmental impact of devices: Google says for example that Chromebooks use 46% less energy than competing platform devices, and that 1,000 switches to Chromebooks can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 90%. The data cited comes from a study commissioned by Google itself.

In any case, the core of the program is this: there is a subset of Chromebooks for students, mostly already presented and available on the market for some time, which are certified as easy to repair even on site by the local IT administrator. Through own portal of choice of devicesGoogle will also highlight any initiatives organized by manufacturers to facilitate repair work – training courses and online tutorials, for example.

As we know, the right to reparation has become a much discussed issue in the last period, which has even seen the participation of US President Joe Biden and several other governments, even in Europe. The tech giants are starting to move in this direction – Apple was the first – well, technically Fairphone has been leading the way for years now, but it certainly has no comparable size – with the iPhone initiative, Microsoft has echoed through a partnership with iFixit.

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