Google increases investment in physical offices and data centers in the US

With the COVID-19 pandemic waning and the desire to return to normal, Alphabet and especially Google announce massive investments to expand offices and data centers. Only in the United States and only in 2022Sundar Pichai, CEO of both Alphabet and Google, will be earmarked 9.5 billion dollars for the construction of new structures and the expansion of existing ones, with the aim of creating at least 12,000 new permanent jobs. For comparison, it is interesting to observe that in the last five years investments have amounted to over 37 billion for a total of 40,000 jobs.

As the animation below shows, the interventions planned by Google are numerous both for the actual offices and for the datacenters. The company aims to create increasingly ecological and efficient structureskeeping in mind the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2030. In particular, the new office in Sunnyvale (California) will be certified with The Living Building Challenge of the International Living Future Institute, one of the most restrictive and severe ecological initiatives in the architectural field.

The main problem remains that the workers continue to be extremely reluctant to return to the office. The post published on the company’s official blog by Pichai himself acknowledges that “it may seem counterintuitive to increase our investments in physical offices at a time when we are adopting more flexibility in the way we work. However, we believe it is more important than ever. investing in our campuses and that by doing so we will make better products, ensure a better quality of life for our employees, and build stronger communities. “

An important aspect of the question is related activities. Google notes that for every job in the high-tech sector, an average of four more are created in the local economy. In its economic impact report for 2021, the company said it has contributed to the economic activity of businesses, NGOs, publishers, developers and creators for approximately 617 billion dollars.

Thanks to the Android app ecosystem, another 2 million jobs were created in 2021 alone, and the YouTube system supported around 394,000 jobs in 2020.

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