Google Home app, restructuring coming to Android and iOS

Google will soon make the restructuring of the section available to users You discover Of Home. The app dedicated to the smart home ecosystem consists of two main sections, the home view which opens by default at startup and shows the list of associated devices, and a second, on the right in the selector at the bottom, selected which you access the section You discover. Often, for some users, it represents a “ghost” section, meaning that it shows little information, sometimes none.

From Mountain View, however, with the classic blog post, they ensure novelties that allow the user to “find out what’s happening in and around your home in a better way”.

The update automatically sorts your home’s recent and most important events in an updated layout. Grouping events will help you understand what happened in one fell swoop, rather than scrolling through a list of repetitive events.

On both Android and iOS, the new controls (for the Home section, ed) help you quickly find and understand the status of devices so you can dim compatible lights or change the volume of the music in a snap. You can also tap to turn a device on or off, swipe left or right to make adjustments, and long press to see more controls.

Finally, Google announces the arrival by the weekend of new privacy controls for the Home app.

Check the Google Home app settings to see the new privacy settings. In this centralized access point to manage your privacy, you can review and adjust your privacy controls, home activity and assistant data settings right in the app. Manage your family’s settings, including presence detection to control which devices can help detect if someone is home to initiate Home and Away routines. Browse your data, including your home business and your data in the assistant.

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