Goodbye, Galaxy S9: from April no more updates, not even quarterly

With a month in advance of the Galaxy S8, for which the same measure arrived last year in May, the word “end” to firmware updates also comes for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. The interruption of support, as Samsung has always done, was not sudden: since last year the two top of the 2018 range have begun to receive quarterly rather than monthly security patches, and farewell has come full circle. real.

From now on, however, it may happen that in “exceptional” cases, Samsung intervenes to remedy a problem of a certain weight, such as happened with the Galaxy S8 last December, when, with the official support silent for months, the company sent a surprise firmware update to the two with a multitude of fixes on privacy and security, and while he was there he also inserted the most recent patches available.

Cases, in fact, exceptional, on which those who own Galaxy S9 and S9 + cannot rely. The two will have to continue with Android 10 and the latest security patches from the quarterly updates. Simultaneously with the elimination of the S9 from the Samsung support page, as expected the Galaxy S10s have been included in the quarterly updates section, while it will continue to receive monthly Galaxy S10 Lite updates which, in fact, was launched a year later. distance.

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