Giving bimbominkia on the web can be expensive: be careful how you speak!

Give of bimbominkia to another person on Facebook triggers the crime of aggravated defamation as it damages the honor of others. This was established by the Supreme Court of Cassation, which in fact equates the offense on the internet to that perpetrated on the printed page. Not only on Meta’s social platform, therefore.

The case that led to the final sentence destined to make jurisprudence it is that of Enrico Rizzi, a Sicilian animal rights activist who in the past was convicted of defamation for having offended the memory of the deceased Diego Moltrer, former president of the regional council of Trentino-Alto Adige and a hunting enthusiast. In defense of him, a friend who on Facebook has subsequently expressed himself data of the bimbominkia to Rizzi, who as a defendant found himself filling the role of the injured party denouncing the woman at the Court of Trento. The current ruling has in fact confirmed that of April 16, 2019 that “affirmed the criminal responsibility of CM (the friend of former president Moltrer, ed) for the crime of aggravated and continued defamation committed against ER (Enrico Rizzi, ed) “.

B.imbominkia sm (spreg.) In the jargon of the Net, a young user of social relationship sites who is characterized, often in a framework of precarious linguistic competence and low cultural depth, for a marked use of elements typical of emphatic, expressive and playful writing (symbolic and contracted spellings, emoticons , etc.) “- Treccani vocabulary.

The woman would have repeatedly offended the reputation di Rizzi in a Facebook group dedicated to him with over 2,000 members (hence the defamation aggravated) using phrases like “give it to bimbominkia“,”It is called bimbominkia“,”Greetings from bimbominkioni Animalardosi “. According to the ruling, this is equivalent to “to point him out as mentally hypodotized“.

It is not a right to criticize, says the sentence, nor is it a little offensive expression. In other words, “even the right of criticism must be exercised within certain limits, among which there is that of continence, since criticism cannot transcend into mockery and derision“.

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