Galaxy Z Fold4 with more resistant display, Samsung works on multi fold | Rumor

Rumors insist on the presence of an S Pen in Samsung’s next flagship folding. Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first of the range to have arrived on the market with the ability to incorporate the input of the stylus, but it must be fished in the accessories list and basically does not have a “home”, a slot in the smartphone in which to store it as soon as you finish using it. The recent Galaxy S22 Ultra has it and the Galaxy Z Fold4 will have it, according to rumors.

Now sources inside the supply chain suggest that the Z Fold4 will also have one stronger screen protector of the predecessors, in order to digest a constant use of the nib and on a large scale, since it will be supplied. Already the Z Fold3 compared to the predecessor had a more robust UTG, but on the next Samsung it should take a more significant step forward. UTG, we remember, is the acronym of Ultra-Thing Glassthe trade name for the hybrid protection in plastic and glass which guarantees a scratch resistance superior to plastic but, obviously, inferior to glass.

Galaxy Z Fold 4, rumors say, has a UTG with “best hardness and quality”. Furthermore, the experience of the stylus with Galaxy Z Fold 3, limited in numbers since not all customers have purchased an S Pen, was used by Samsung to ascertain small problems that did not arise in the pre-launch testsand which will be resolved in the UTG of Z Fold 4. The step forward, according to rumors, will be so significant that it has forced Samsung to reflect: continue to call it UTG or “push”, even with the marketingdefining it Super UTG? A decision would not have been made yet.


The same whistleblower who gave visibility to the Galaxy Z Fold4 indiscretion contacted confirming that the patent approved by WIPO in early February, which we have told you about here, would have been promoted to the development stage. The information learned from Dohyun Kim, the informant in question, would be consistent with what is shown in the patent. Hoping, as innovation lovers, that the information obtained by Kim is true, and that therefore Samsung is really developing such an ambitious project, here is the video ei render made on the patent by lestgodigital.

Credits opening image: Technizo x

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