Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4: Samsung has chosen where to place the fingerprint sensor

Never change a winning team you could say when commenting on the latest rumors about Samsung’s next generation of foldable leaflets. The South Korean company will in fact return to propose the side fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button even with Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, according to a recent report from the Korean market.

No fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, but a more classic solution. The first hypothesis went to the headlines after the discovery of a Samsung patent and, second Business Koreathe Company has evaluated to go down this path and then decide to keep the integration of the sensor in the power button because allows the recognition of fingerprints in a natural way when opening screens.

If Samsung had opted for the sensor in the screen, the solution would probably have been similar to that described in the patent with two sensors connected to each other, one on the external display and one on the internal one – in the case of the Fold 4, one in the center of the external screen and the other on the left side of the inner screen.

Some might turn up their noses for a too conservative choice, given that the fingerprint sensors in the screen represent a now standard solution for high-end smartphones. However, it must be considered that leaflets, with their particular form factor, make a story in themselves. In concrete terms, a fingerprint sensor integrated in the power button allows today to unlock Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 both with the screen closed and with the screen open and to do it in a very natural way while holding the device. To these considerations we must then add those relating to the price that could rise with a more innovative but also more complex solution and with higher research and development costs.

The novelties compared to the current generation of Samsung folding folders will therefore have to be looked for elsewhere, as recent rumors suggest that important improvements in the camera compartment and the hinge. Not all manufacturers want to follow the same path as Samsung: always Business Korea confirms that the first Vivo folding, the Vivo X Fold, arriving on April 11th, will be equipped with a double fingerprint sensor: one in the external screen and one in the internal one.

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