Galaxy Watch 5, here are how many and what they will be: new confirmations for the Pro model

It seems that Samsung wants to change the cards on the table with its next smartwatches. In particular, in recent weeks, it is the voice of the introduction a Galaxy Watch 5 “Pro” or “Ultra”a top version that should be fitted with a particularly large battery.

And today there are other confirmations in this sense, which help us to clarify in general what is the scheme chosen by Samsung for its next smartwatches. According to the information provided by GalaxyClubthe models would be three in total, corresponding to the code names Heart-S, Heart-L And Heart-Pro.


Hearts-S it should be, as the suffix suggests, the smaller version of the Galaxy Watch 5, presumably with a 40 or 42 mm based on Samsung’s history. Heart-Lconsequently, it should be the largest one, from 44 or 46 mm . And finally there is Heart-Prowhich should clearly coincide with the “Pro” model protagonist of recent rumors.

In total, therefore, they are counted three models. But be careful, because following simple arithmetic there is a risk of being misled in this case: two codenames, Heart-S and Heart-L, could in fact refer to the same device, but in two different formats. It is likely, therefore, that Samsung will retain the division of the catalog into two parts, as for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, but with a change in the naming.

As anticipated by the rumors, therefore, this year to support the Galaxy Watch 5 “base” (which can be 40-42 mm or 44-46 mm) there should be Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.


Faced with a choice that, for now, seems purely nominal, it is natural to ask why Samsung has decided once again to intervene again on the identity of its smartwatches, after having already abandoned the Galaxy Watch Active – Galaxy Watch of the past tandem.

The name change could go beyond a simple marketing move: Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic in fact, as we explained in our review, have the same hardware, and the differences between the two are mainly aesthetic (design, two different formats each), while at the feature level they are limited to the physical bezel which is exclusive to Watch 4 Classic.

If Samsung had chosen, as it seems, to further distance the two options by opting for the suffix “Pro”, it is natural to assume that therefore the top version of Galaxy Watch 5 should arrive with some more features than the standard Galaxy Watch 5.

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