Galaxy Note with sliding screen coming? A Samsung patent suggests this

The Galaxy Note series, temporarily retired by Samsung (and whose legacy will soon be collected by Galaxy S22 Ultra and its S Pen integrated into the body), could be facing a sliding door. Or, rather, one sliding screen: Samsung could in fact choose to resurrect the series by bringing a device with sliding screen and S Pen.

There is nothing official at the moment, of course. It is only a matter of hypotheses, but not of baseless fantasies: in fact, it is a recent suggestion patent recorded by the Korean giant at WIPO which shows a smartphone with a sliding screen capable of both expanding its diagonal and revealing the compartment in which the stylus is “hidden”.

As can be seen in the sketches, the screen can retract to reveal the S Pen, or expand from the “standard” stage where the stylus is covered. Furthermore, the more lateral part of the display could be used to display notifications in “Edge” style. Obviously we do not know if Samsung will ever bring this solution to the market, since patents are not guarantees of an idea ready to become a commercial reality. And it is equally clear that the smartphone in question might even exist, at some point, but not be branded as the Galaxy Note.

Certainly, however, as emerged from other documents, the company is working in various directions to integrate the S Pen also on folding and studying new form factors, with screens that fold twice (and which it has already shown in action).

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