Galaxy Buds2: Samsung updates them with a feature of the Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 (here our review) represent the main proposal of the South Korean house as regards its lineup of true wireless headphones, thanks to a very interesting combination of functionality and price that make them particularly attractive. Obviously, these are not Samsung’s most complete headphones – for that you have to look at the Pro model – but it seems that the company is trying to bring the two proposals closer and closeras evidenced bylatest software update released for the Buds2.

The new update in question is identifiable by the build number R177XXU0AVC8 and, as anticipated, introduces a typical feature of the Buds Pro, that is support for Audio 360. The function, remember, allows you to change the positioning of the stereo channels based on the position of the head, creating an effect enveloping which gives the sensation of being in the exact center where all sounds converge.

However, the quality of Samsung’s 360 Audio is not comparable to more advanced Spatial Audio effects and obtained through content specifically designed for this function. The Samsung solution, in fact, tries to reproduce the effect on any audio application, thus creating a middle ground between the classic stereo effect and the spatial one.

In addition to that, the new update also introduces the improvement of the audio quality in calls and additional fixes that stabilize the Bluetooth connection with other devices. The update it should be available to all Buds2 ownerswho can verify its presence within the Galaxy Wearable app, by going to consult the menu Headphone Settings and choosing the item dedicated to software update.

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