From Korea: On Galaxy S22 FE or S23 via MediaTek Dimensity Exynos chips

The number of rumors is growing that promises the adoption of MediaTek chips on high-end Galaxy. And if on the one hand it doesn’t mean that Samsung will for realgiven that we are talking about rumors, on the other hand it seems established that in the parts of Seoul more than some reasoning is in place. At the end of March indiscretion that a Galaxy with Dimensity 9000 is on the way, another one from Korea is now queued up, according to which Galaxy S22 FE oi Galaxy S23 they can alternate Qualcomm and MediaTek chips depending on the market.

For years now, Samsung has been making it two variants of its flagship smartphones: one with a Qualcomm chip and another with its Exynos, with the first destined for the US and a handful of other markets while the second for the rest of the world including Europe. The BusinessKorea now raises the possibility that in the future for some reason the alternation may not be between Snapdragon and Exynos but between Snapdragon and Dimensity by MediaTek.

Probably – but it is our guess – Samsung would put aside its Exynos and not the Snapdragons not to breach the agreements made with Qualcomm: there must also be medium-long term contracts, and it is not possible to tear them up overnight without incurring penalties.


But question number one is about why Samsung would almost leave its production lines on its hands to outsource chip supplies. For the moment there are no answers, there are only hypotheses about first flagship Samsung with MediaTek chip. The names, as mentioned, are two: Galaxy S22 FE and the (three?) Galaxy S23, with the adoption on the former more likely than on the latter.

Not only because a rumor, as we said, has already appeared on the web a couple of weeks ago, but also because it is unlikely that Samsung will be willing to launch such a clear change on its best smartphones. without first taking the pulse of customers and fans or have verified the compliance of the Taiwanese chips with their high-end standards.

And then, another element that distances the Dimensity, however valid, from the Galaxy S23, is the ongoing development of the production process to 3 nanometers. It is said that it will be ready just for the 2023and it is unlikely that Samsung will destine such a technological advance, which will presumably reserve significant advantages for future products in terms of efficiency and performance, for chips that will be commissioned by third parties and does not want to display the fruit of a hard I work in research and development.

In short: if revolution must be as the voices from Korea envisage, it is more likely to switch from a Fan Edition first like S22 rather than breaking in from the main entrance.

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