Fortnite, gambling has paid off: buildings disappear and players increase

Apparently Epic got it right: the choice to remove the constructions in the new Fortnite season has paid off, at least judging by the increase in views for some of the game’s biggest streamers. For example for Ali Hassan, known as SypherPK, it is over 30%; Twitch said the first week of the new season’s availability resulted in approximately 23 million total viewing hours on the platform, which is the highest result in over a year; in addition, several creators who had not dedicated themselves to the Epic title for a long time, such as DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Nickmercs and Tfue, are back in action.

Buildings have always been a distinctive trait and at the same time an essential part of Fortnite’s gameplay, and one of the elements that most differentiate it from other battle royale in circulation. Being good at building and modifying equates to having good aim with your weapon or good reflexes / movement skills. Initially there were many negative reactions to the announcement of the Zero Build Mode, both among streamers and among simple fans / players, who did not fail to make their voices heard on social networks, between a meme and a vitriolic joke. Yet the idea of ​​a whole new challenge has piqued the curiosity of many.

According to streamers, the success of No Build Mode is an emblematic indicator of the robustness of the game’s mechanics by Epic Games, which was updated, fixed and refined until it managed to survive even its main feature. Compared to the early days, for example, it has become much easier to move around the map and collect new weapons, thanks to the introduction of slides and sprints.

Another key factor is the development team’s ability to maintain one extremely tight schedule for updates, which are held weekly; they do not always bring radical changes, but there is always something new. In addition, the choice to forge partnerships with other brands and franchises in vogue in popular culture, including the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (with the new season, Doctor Strange has arrived, for example) has paid off.

At the moment it is not clear what the future of No Build Mode will be. According to streamers, at present it risks becoming boring relatively quickly; but Epic, they say, could try to play it intelligently and try to create some kind of hybrid mode, or at least find original approaches to the paradigm to keep players interested.

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