Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2 brings a radical novelty: goodbye constructions

Chapter 3 of Fortnite it had begun in December turning the island upside down. And now, with the arrival of Season 2, after the map to be upset is the gameplay, with the removal of one of the central aspects of the game, those that have marked the fortune and identity of Epic Games’ battle royale: we are talking about construction.

That’s right: in Season 2 of Chapter 3 it will no longer be possible to build buildings, but all players will be pushed to a more direct approach to the game. This is an idea that over time has been cherished several times by Epic and which has been discussed at length within the community, and which has now (temporarily) become a reality, thus radically shaking the habits of the players.

The trailer that presents Season 2 of Chapter 3 offers the narrative pretext for the disappearance of the buildings: Doctor Slone of the Imaginary Order, in fact, uses a tool that dematerializes all the buildings with which the players were defending themselves. However, it should be noted that in the competitive modes, in the Team Rumble and in the creative islands, the construction has remained intact: and probably, after having exhausted this narrative arc, it will return. Maybe already with the next chapter.


But obviously it was not possible to remove such an important element without also introducing compensations. And in fact now players will be able to rely on one additional shieldwhich is in addition to the traditional one and to health, and which can repair itself even if it reaches 0. It is therefore a way to strengthen the defensive resources, weakened by the possibility of entrenching themselves inside the newly built buildings.

In addition to the extra shield, Epic has also introduced some unprecedented options for movement, increasing the base speed and making the shots, which have a limited duration, faster. Not only that: after a jump now the characters will be a rank of to climb on natural or artificial vertical surfaces. In addition, after a shot, it will be possible to use a shoulder to open the doors.


And of course, with the start of another season they could not miss new characters for the Battle Pass:

  • Doctor Strange
  • Tsuki 2.0, which is immediately unlocked with the Battle Pass
  • Gunnar
  • Image
  • Kiara KO
  • Origin
  • Erisa
  • Predator (later in the season)

For more details on the numerous news of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 such as weapons, OI airships and armored buses of the Rebellion, we refer you to the official website in SOURCE, which collects them all.

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