First iPhone without notches or holes in 2024, according to Kuo

There it will still take some time to say goodbye to both the notch and the holes on the iPhone screens. To get to an iPhone in all respects full-screen we will have to wait until 2024, according to a recent forecast by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The source is not new to providing these details on the evolution of one of the most iconic elements of Apple smartphones: a few weeks ago it pointed out that the future iPhone 16 will be the first with the Face ID components hidden in the display, now it goes further, adding that the front camera will also be located below the screen.

The technological challenges that Apple will have to face to arrive at a solution of this type are linked to the negative effects deriving from the positioning of the Face ID and the front camera under the display. It will be necessary to develop ISPs and algorithms capable of improving image quality in low light conditions, a condition in which the sensors under the display suffer more than traditional ones, stresses Kuo.

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