Facebook has no idea how to manage its own user data

Facebook continues to represent a source of problems and embarrassments for Meta (which did not change its name by chance, but precisely to distance itself as much as possible from its flagship social network), especially now that a new internal company document has emerged showing a dangerous level of incompetence in one of its main businesses: the management of its users’ data.

It has long been known how the social platform created by Zuckerberg gets ahead mainly thanks to the sale of the data profiled by its users (even those who are not registered), which allow Meta to sell advertising spaces that are very effective in promoting targeted services and products. However, it seems that the situation is not properly under control and even the Facebook Ad team is worried about the state of things.


The news emerged from an internal company report drawn up by the group Privacy Engineers of Facebook Ad, which paints a scenario that is not exactly reassuring for the company. The document aims to inform Facebook’s upper echelons about the state of affairs in the event that the social network should again confront the regulatory bodies on issues such as privacy and the measures adopted for data protection. According to reports from the Facebook Ad team, the company will have a lot of trouble making any kind of promise. What emerged from the analysis is summarized in this comment released by the team:

We do not have an adequate level of control and understanding over how our systems use data and because of this we cannot confidently make controlled changes to our policies or promises to outsiders such as “we will not use data X for purpose Y”. Instead this is precisely what regulators expect us to do, thus increasing the risk of errors and misinterpretations on our part.

This is undoubtedly an alarming statement regarding the poor competence with which sensitive data and information are managed. The report highlights how Facebook also has problems in data storage and classification. For example, user data obtained from internal tools, third parties and even sensitive ones are all grouped together, creating great difficulties in their management.

The company has always denied the existence of such problems, however what emerges from the inside is a truly problematic picture, especially now that Facebook is preparing to build a new advertising management system that allows it to overcome the limitations introduced by iOS, which will delve further into what promises to be a new minefield for the company.

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