Expensive fuels, cut in excise duties: the Government towards an extension to 30 June

The government intends to continue in his work of contain fuel costs. As we know, a cut in excise duties of 25 euro cents plus VAT has been decided to curb the rush in petrol and diesel prices. However, it is a term measure and not a structural one. Originally, the cut in excise duties was supposed to last a month but, then, the Government decided to extend it until May 2 pending approval of a new aid package against expensive energy (not just fuel).

Apparently, the Government intends to further extend the cut in excise duties until the end of June. This extension will be included with other interventions against expensive energy in a new Decree that should arrive next week. After all, expensive energy is one of the main themes of the majority resolution on the Def, approved by Parliament.

The Government will have to use the spaces deriving from the maneuver for new expansionary initiatives by arranging further interventions to contain the increase in energy prices as well as by revising the system of reference prices and fuels, ensuring the necessary liquidity to companies by granting guarantees also in the light of the new Commission communication no. 2022 / C 131 I / 01 on the new contemporary state aid framework as well as on the sectors most affected by the current emergencies.

And that we are moving towards an extension of the cut in excise duties was also confirmed by the Minister Giorgetti during a question time in the Chamber:

The dynamics of fuel prices remains a prominent issue on which the government’s attention is highest, which will continue, implementing it, in the monitoring activity, as well as in the evaluation of the measures necessary to calm prices, including the extension of the cut in excise duties set out in the latest decree law.

Therefore, all that remains is to wait for the moves of the Government to understand the interventions that it will decide to actually insert in the new Decree.

The news of the possible further extension of the cut in the excise duty comes after a few days in which the prices of gasoline and diesel have returned slightly to rise due to the increase in oil prices (currently, brent is quoted around 108 dollars a barrel). .

According to the data communicated by the Quotidiano Energia, the average price of gasoline in self-service mode is 1,777 euros per liter with different brands between 1,757 and 1,799 euros per liter (no logo 1,767 euros). As for self-service diesel, the average price is € 1,776 per liter, with companies between € 1,767 and € 1,784 per liter (no logo € 1,772).

Turning to the refueling served, the average price of gasoline reaches € 1,918 per liter, with average prices between € 1,843 and € 2,006 per liter (no logo € 1,824). The average price of the diesel served is € 1,918 per liter, with the prices of the companies’ points of sale ranging between € 1,859 and € 1,993 per liter (no logo € 1,828).

As for LPG, prices range from € 0.848 to € 0.871 per liter (no logo € 0.854). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.123 and 2.358 euros (no logo 2.087 euros).

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