Expensive fuel, we can see the excise effect but prices start to rise again

The cut in excise duties by the government by 25 cents plus VAT for one month allowed reduce the cost of gasoline and dieselmaking it easier for you to spend a full tank of fuel. The measure, which is only provisional and not structural, was not very popular with various associations as fuel prices still remain very high. Only last Christmas, for example, were they significantly lower. The problem is that, now, the cut in excise duties begins be eroded by the new rise in oil prices that are pushing oil companies to raise recommended fuel prices.

According to Quotidiano Energia, Enifor example, has raised the recommended price on petrol and diesel by 6 cents per liter. Therefore, the increase has already eaten away about a fifth of the benefits of the cut in excise duties. As of this writing, a barrel of Brent costs nearly $ 122. So, if crude oil continues to rise, there will be further increases in the cost of fuel in the coming days that will further eat away at the benefits of the cut in excise duties.

According to the data updated to yesterday 23 March, thanks to the effect of the cut in excise duties, the average price of petrol in self mode it dropped to € 1,881 per liter, with different brands ranging from € 1,836 to € 1,946 per liter (no logo € 1,917). In served mode, the average price of gasoline is 2,047 euros per liter, with different brands ranging from 1,958 to 2,118 euros per liter (no logo 1,977 euros).

As for the diesel, the average in self mode is 1.862 euros per liter, with companies positioned between 1.812 and 1.926 euros per liter (no logo 1.907 euros). As for the prices in served mode, the average is € 2.032 per liter, with the companies’ points of sale with average prices between € 1.946 and € 2.097 per liter (no logo € 1.967).

The average prices of LPG they range from € 0.849 to € 0.882 per liter (no logo € 0.870). As for the methane auto, the average price is between 2,036 and 2,369 euros (no logo 2,129 euros). Given the increases in oil prices and the new increases in recommended prices, it will be very important to monitor the trend in the cost of gasoline and diesel in the coming days.

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