Euro 7, the European Commission proposal by July

The EU Commissioner for the Single Market Thierry Breton go back to talking about new Euro 7 standard which should come into effect no earlier than 2025. This is a hotly debated topic, as we have seen over time. In fact, several manufacturers have repeatedly pointed the finger at too stringent emission limits that would require significant investments in engines to be able to comply with them.

Precisely for this reason, some car manufacturers have already made it known that they will not develop new generations of engines to focus on electrification. Discussions within the European Commission are continuing. Apparently, however, the Commission’s proposal on the new Euro 7 standard will finally arrive in a few months.

The EU Commission is making progress on the Euro 7 standard, which we expect to be approved in July.

Already in February there was talk of the month of July as a possible time window for the arrival of the European Commission’s proposal. Therefore, this date seems to be confirmed. As we know, in reality the presentation of the definitive proposal had already arrived by the end of 2021. Subsequently, everything had been postponed to the beginning of April 2022. Apparently, in July we will finally know all the details of the new Euro 7 standard.

Thierry Breton adds that thanks to the new regulations, the European Union will be able to produce the cleanest combustion engines in the world.

We need to understand how the emission is related to the way of driving, in particular by leveraging digital technology. With the Euro 7 standard, the EU will be able to produce the cleanest combustion engine vehicles in the world.

The EU commissioner also adds that thanks to the new standard, the manufacturers will be able to remain on the market, continuing to export their cars as demand for combustion engines will last a long time in some markets. Thierry Breton did not anticipate any details of the new regulations. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for the summer to discover the European Commission’s proposal.

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