ESA and Russia separate: end of relations. What consequences on the space race?

The Luna-27 lander: it was supposed to use a European navigation system called Pilot.

The “new geopolitical context“it therefore forced ESA to interrupt activities with Russia on the Luna-25, Luna-26 and Luna-27 missions, exactly as happened with ExoMars. Given the current conditions, the European agency says,”it is impossible for us to carry on the already planned lunar cooperation“. The work carried out so far will not be lost, however, as some tests originally planned for Luna-25 and Luna-27 have been rescheduled and will be conducted aboard other missions in collaboration with the American NASA, the Japanese JAXA and partners. commercial.

And unfortunately the ExoMars mission will not start in September as originally planned. The future of the rover – and of the entire mission – is in the hands of Thales Alenia Space: it will in fact be up to the Italian agency to assess the available options.

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