Epic against Apple, Roblox fits and defends Cupertino’s policies

The clash between Apple and Epic, which began in August 2020, has not yet ended. Despite the ruling last September, which proved the software house right by defining how “anti-competitive“the work of Cupertino, there are still other chapters to write before we can put a point to the story. Apple in fact, as expected, did not stand by and appealed to the United States district judge in the hope of overturning At the center, we remind you, are the policies of the App Store, which prevents the developers of the apps it hosts from providing alternative payment methods to that of the bitten apple.


And while Epic gained the support of attorneys general in 35 US states earlier this year, alongside Apple, on the other hand, another videogame reality has just lined up: Roblox. The Roblox Corporation behind the title, in fact, as reported by Reuters is supporting Cupertino in the appeal against the sentence that for now has decreed the victory of Epic. The legal memory filed by Roblox takes up in all respects the strongest argument that Apple has always opposed to requests for greater freedom from developers, namely the need to build a safe and secure environment for users:

Apple’s process for reviewing and approving apps available on the App Store improves safety and security and provides those apps with greater legitimacy in the eyes of users.

The appeal hearing is scheduled for next year. And the weight of the ruling will be overwhelming, because if the current valuation were to be confirmed, Apple’s revenue model via the App Store would be subject to major overhaul.

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