Elon Musk seeks help from Wall Street to acquire Twitter

As the Twitter board continues to evaluate Musk’s proposal, it seems that the South African multibillionaire is looking for backers on Wall Street who can support his rise to social media.

The rumors come directly from Bloomberg, where the alleged meeting between Musk and several companies that could finance part of the 43 billion dollars ($ 54.20 per share) that the entrepreneur has put on the table to complete the complete acquisition of the platform.

Companies such as Morgan Stanley And Apollo Global Management they would have already demonstrated some interest in the operationparticularly with regard to Apollo, however it is not known whether the group will offer support to Musk’s takeover or if it will support the takeover attempt by some other bidder.

Yes, because Musk’s move has rocked the market and raised the attention of other investors who may be interested in controlling Twitter, so it looks like the competition could get tougher than expected. In addition to this, the choice to look for partners for the climb to social could be a way to reduce hostility towards Musk’s proposal, since an individual’s attempt to control such an influential platform is not frowned upon. .

Several analysts say Musk’s proposal will be rejected and this could cause unforeseen complications for Twitter, since the owner of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company is currently the main shareholder of the company and any refusal will result in a reconsideration of its stake, which could trigger a stock market crash.

Meanwhile Musk dabbles on Twitter by posting cryptic messages on the platform, such as one of his latest tweets which reads “____ is the Night“Is he still the same troll or is he hiding some secret message regarding his next moves? We’ll find out very soon.

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