Elon Musk: Cybertruck and Roadster in 2023. Tesla thinks of a robotaxi

After the German Gigafactory, Elon Musk inaugurated his new factory in Texas. This is a very important plant as it will significantly expand the production of the American car manufacturer. Site where the new 4680 cells that Tesla developed specifically for its electric cars. During the event “Cyber ​​Rodeo“, Elon Musk talked about several things, some of which related to future projects.

Musk hinted to the robotaxi fleet company, describing it as futuristic and significantly different from Tesla’s other offerings.

There will be a dedicated robotaxi which will have a rather futuristic look.

Well, apparently Tesla is thinking to a dedicated vehicle to be used for a future self-driving taxi service. No details and above all a time objective were provided. Given the amount of projects to be concluded, probably the robotaxi will certainly not be a priority, at least until Tesla concludes the development of the new Full Self Driving, currently in the test phase and which we have already talked about several times.

During the event, Musk returned to talk about the news coming for 2023. In particular, Tesla’s number one confirmed that the expected Tesla Cybertruck, the electric truck Tesla Seeds and the new one Tesla Roadster they will go into production next year. Moreover, it seems, in 2023 Tesla will also start producing the first version of its Tesla Optimus.

The new Cybertruck electric pickup also made an appearance on the event stage alongside Tesla head of design Franz von Holzhausen. In the short term, however, Tesla will focus on getting the new Texas Gigafactory up and running, which will make an important contribution to the American automaker’s overall production in 2022.

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