Elon Musk and Twitter: acquisition agreement reached for $ 44 billion

Has Elon Musk bought Twitter? There news is not yet official but we stop the publication on April 25 because, according to the latest rumors of the Wall Street Journal, Musk and Twitter would have reached an agreement.

On the plate there would be 44 billion dollars that Twitter would have accepted for the sale of the social network to Musk. The details are still few as the rumors emerged earlier than the official communications but the source – the WSJ – is undoubtedly reliable.

We recall that the purchase offer formulated on 14 April had not yet received an answer and Elon had raised with a $ 46.5 billion plan leveraging two main sources of money:

  • About $ 25 billion resulting from loans from Morgan Stanley
  • 21 billion dollars approximately from Musk’s own personal heritage

Although there are still no clear details, the offer would have been accepted by Twitter for a final value of about 44 billion dollars.

The information is still on the way and we will update the article as soon as there are further elements and / or official data.

With this sentence Musk seems to confirm that the agreement has now been signed:

I hope even my worst critics will stay on Twitter, because that’s what free speech means.

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