Elden Ring, sigh of relief: the new patch solves a very serious problem

The wheel of death has finally stopped its mad rush, it has broken. An NPC from Elden Ring, using that gnostic and dusty register typical of fantasy contexts, would probably summarize the benefits that come from the patch 1.03.2 released for FromSoftware’s latest gaming. A timely intervention that protects PC gamers from very serious danger: that of suddenly seeing hours and hours of gameplay compromised.

Last week, in fact, an exploit emerged that allowed the hackerexploiting a flaw in the invasion mechanism of the PC version of Elden Ring, of enter the games of unsuspecting victims and not only crash the game, but also give rise to a death loopwhich is an endless cycle of deaths.

Once his save was loaded, in fact, the player affected by this attack was forced to watch his imprisoned character in an endless sequence of falls that resulted in death, and then rebirth, and then yet another fall. And so on.

The community, having to react to the problem, soon found an expedient to break the curse: we talked about it in our article. Exit the death loop it wasn’t impossible, but very difficult yes, as the procedure required more timing than a confrontation with the game’s most challenging enemies. And that the solution, in the end, didn’t even work for everyone.

For a few days, therefore, the best way to defend against this threat was to simply play offline, while giving up a historically innervated component in the genre. Or make manual backups of your progress every time, in order to save what you can save, and not find yourself in front of hundreds of hours of game going up in smoke: but maybe only the last two.

But now the nightmare is over. There patch 1.03.2 in fact, in addition to having solved other minor problems (you can consult them at the link in SOURCE), solved the problem of death loopfinally securing PC gamers and their progress again. So to speak, of course: the Interregnum remains a cruel and hostile world, populated by terrible creatures who cut your life with great ease. But at least the hackers – worse than any boss battle – stay out of the way.

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