Elden Ring in VR? It is possible thanks to a mod: here it is in a long gameplay

The Interregnum is a world full of dangers and charm. The experience of Elden Ring it is spectacular and engaging, but if the perspective chosen by FromSoftware is not enough, Coming soon there is a mod for PC that will allow you to experience the adventure in first person and with the VR viewer on your face as an additional piece of armor (in many sets the helmet covers the face and sight, just like a headset).

To take care of this project is Luke Ross: the work is not yet completed but it is already well advanced, so much so that the developer has released a long video showing the VR transposition of the game in action.

If you want to hurt yourself, and taking on Elden Ring armed with the Fisher-Price gamepad seems like a no-brainer, then this VR mod once released may be for you. Despite the excellent work done by Ross, in fact, Virtual Reality has its intrinsic limits, which prevent this videogame frontier from establishing itself on the traditional market.

A basic mechanic like movement, for example, can be a problem even for common games: in VR games it gets worse as the player’s involvement increases, and so does the motion sickness, or nausea. So much so that, to mitigate this aspect, in practically all VR games the recommended movement is the one with “teleportation”, in jerks, because it is the one that bothers least.


In short: if the enemies and bosses of Elden Ring seem difficult to beat, imagine what a terrifying and disorienting experience it can be to do it from the first person view (when the game is conceived for the third). The work done by Luke Ross in ferrying the gaming experience in a different dimension from the original one is still commendable.

And luckily the developer has thought about what could be the real application of this mod: a “tourist mode” which appeases all creatures of the Interregnum e in which the player does not have to endure clashes, but can simply explore without anxiety and enjoy the magnificent and alien landscapes of the virtual reality game world.

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