Elden Ring completed in less than 9 minutes – an astounding record

Tired of gnawing on the most annoying and stubborn opponents of FromSoftware’s latest effort, Elden Ring? What if we told you that it is possible complete the entire gamefrom start to finish, in less than nine minutes? Well yes: it is the latest feat of the speedrunner known as Distortion2, who just a few hours ago published the video in which he succeeds in the feat, practically halving the previous record of about 20 minutes, always set by the same source.

As you can imagine, the run takes advantage of a significant amount of graphical bugs and glitches, and manages to avoid the vast majority of fights – in fact it doesn’t even face a boss. The key to achieving the result is the exploitation of teleportation, and the tactical exit / re-entry of the game at ideal moments, but the real principle behind it is the glitch known as Zip: for some reason, if you get into parade position while walking the animations go into a kind of conflict and the character is thrown to great distances.

Being able to zip is very difficult. It is necessary to identify the exact start time of the parade and the exact number of frames to keep it. Just one frame more or less and the glitch does not occur. Speedrunners prefer to use low resolutions and a specific version of the game, 1.03, to maximize the chances.

According to the author of the record, there is still ample room for improvement: it is not impossible to think of go under the wall of 7 minutes, always using the same technique. Unfortunately, it is difficult to appreciate the company if you only watch the video and do not understand what you are watching, but fortunately the comments in the foreground help in this sense. In any case, it is worth remembering that overall the game takes between 30 and 50 hours to complete “normally”.

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