Earth Day: Google doodle to raise awareness on climate change

It is celebrated today, April 22, the Earth Day, annual event to raise public awareness on the issue of protecting the planet. Google also wanted to celebrate the event with a new doodles that anyone can see by connecting to the search engine of the Mountain View house. The doodles, four in all, will alternate throughout the day.


The images are often more effective than a thousand words and those enclosed in four animated gifs that today will soar in the Google home are in highlighting the effects of climate change. Using the time-lapse images of Google Earth Timelapse and other sources, four gifs were created dedicated to as many locations on the planet.

The first shows how far the Mount Kilimanjaro glacier (Tanzania, Africa) with images taken from 1986 to 2020:

We then move on to another glacierthat of Sermersooq (Greenland) whose withdrawal is documented with images taken from 2000 to 2020:

The third gif documents the whitening of corals at Lizard Island (Australia) – rising temperatures are one of the causes of this destructive phenomenon of coral reefs. The images were acquired every month from March to May 2016.

It ends with the Harz forests (Elend, Germany) destroyed by the invasion of beetles, in turn caused by rising temperatures and drought.

Google recalls contextually some of the initiatives recently adopted to tackle climate change:

  • inclusion in Data Commons (Google’s open source platform for organizing public data and allowing access to it by anyone) of over 100 sources of data on sustainability (climate, health, crops and emissions);
  • $ 6 million fund for organizations engaged in the fight against climate change in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • funding and support for the creation of a free carbon calculator for businesses;
  • reconfirmation of its goal to power (24/7) its data centers and offices by 2030 with carbon-free energy.

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