Doctor Strange 2: self-censorship in the Italian poster, the equivocal gesture disappears

You know, Doctor Strange is a superhero who has a habit of gesturing a lot, from his hands spells come out, multiverses open up and sometimes even gestures that may not be appreciated in every corner of the planet. On the occasion of the publication of the new trailer for the film Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and the concurrent official opening of ticket sales, the magician has amply demonstrated this. There US and Italian division of Marvel they gave the news accompanying everything with a new official posterindeed to be exact with two variants of the same. The main difference should become apparent when looking at Doctor Strange’s left hand position:

In the American version Strange makes a gesture that in our latitudes can be offensive. In the Italian poster it has been replaced with a neutral one. A Doctor Strange who sends potential viewers to hell would not have been the best to promote the film in our cinemas, so Marvel Italy has opted for a sweetened version.

Nothing so strange, if we reflect that in general large companies – not just those operating in the film market – localize their products taking into account the local culture and other contingent factors. It happens with images, as in this case, but also with product names – think of Asian smartphone companies that switch from series 3 to series 5 because the number 4 in Chinese culture is considered bad, or even transitory measures. and contingents like the one taken by Samsung that it decided to rename Galaxy Z line products in some markets, because the letter Z is now associated with the symbol found on Russian tanks and military vehicles committed in the invasion of Ukraine.

Self-references to bon ton aside, the appointment with Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness is set for 4 May next. From what emerged in the last trailer in the film we will see Strange take poses much more threatening than that of the American poster (to predict why before seeing the film it might be useful to review episode 4 of the What If series available on Disney + …)

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