DJI lied about drones in Ukraine: unencrypted signals, finding the enemy is easy

The subject of the discussion was from the first moment AeroScopea transmitter presented by DJI five years ago through which it is possible identify the data that is exchanged between the drone and the controller, in turn going back to the position in which the user operates the device. Well, Russia has been accused of use this system to locate and kill Ukrainian military personnel who fly drones remotely.

It all revolves around the type of information that passes between the controller and the drone: DJI first explained that it is an encrypted signalthen pursued by The Verge and a hacker who has thoroughly analyzed AeroScope he retractedadmitting that the signal is not encrypted at all. In other words, to identify the exact position of a DJI drone and its controller, you don’t even need to go through Aeroscope: in fact, a little knowledge on the subject is enough to be able to easily obtain all the location information.

After all, this fact shouldn’t even surprise that much, because AeroScope was born as a technology open, also available to other manufacturers outside of DJI. To worry, more than anything else, is the reluctance on the part of the Chinese company to tell the truth about an aspect that is at the center of attention these days as a real weapon used against the Ukrainian army. DJI also admitted that AeroScope can be disabled by revoking its certificate, which it actually did with a recent update.

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