Diablo 3 prepares for season 26 with the arrival of native 4K on Xbox Series X

If you want it to face hell in 4K, with the patch 2.7.3 from Diablo 3 you will be satisfied. The update, in fact, includes a change that solves a curious gap in the title. If the Xbox One X version could already take advantage of the 4K resolution even if dynamic, on the Xbox Series X and S instead things were different up to now, with the resolution mysteriously blocked at 1080p.

Finally, however, this oddity has been solved: by downloading the update, already available for download on all platforms, the game will finally be able to run in Native 4K on Xbox Series X, thus ensuring a more visually detailed experience. Up Series Son the other hand, the resolution stops at a maximum of Native 1080p. At the moment, however, the change is only indicated in the English changelog, while it is not mentioned in the Italian one.

For the rest, The update sets the stage for the start of Season 26set for April 15thanks to the introduction of new options and the optional endgame challenge Echoing Nightmare, where players will find themselves fighting within Nephalem’s memories. All the many new features coming with Season 26 are listed in detail on the official Blizzard website, and you can consult them in full by following the link in SOURCE.

Pending the launch of Diablo 4, which was postponed last November along with Overwatch 2 beyond the 2022 horizon, Blizzard continues to bring new content to keep fans of the saga busy. Things to do in hell are never lacking.

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