Dear fuel, the government extends the cut in excise duties

The government has not limited itself to formalizing the new 2022 car incentives. In fact, it has announced a small one extension of the cut of 25 euro cents plus VAT on excise duties. As we all know, this is a measure that was decided to contain the price of fuels and alleviate the impact on the budgets of households and businesses. When the government approved this measure, we knew it would only last a month.

In any case, the government had promised that it would evaluate the market trend and then, if necessary, further intervene to contain fuel prices. So now comes this mini extension of 10 days. The cut in excise duties is therefore extended until May 2, 2022.

This extension was possible as the Government will still use the extra VAT on fuels to further finance the cut in excise duties. This novelty was announced by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco.

Today I remember that with a ministerial decree signed by me and Minister Cingolani we extended the abatement of 25 cents of excise duty on petrol and diesel by 10 days using the VAT surplus, therefore the abatement of excise duty is extended from today until to May 2nd.

The combined effect of the cut in excise duties and other factors including the drop in oil prices made it possible to “contain” prices for a full tank of petrol and diesel. According to the surveys on average costs communicated yesterday, the national average price of petrol in self mode is 1,797 euros / liter. As for the service, the average price charged for petrol was 1.937 euros / liter.

Switching to diesel, in self mode, the price stood at 1,792 euros / liter. In served mode, however, the average was 1.934 euros / liter.

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