Curve introduces the Automatic Charging Rules: now it’s even more comprehensive

The growth of Curve continues unabated, a “paper” that is literally redefining the concept of a digital wallet. We have been talking about it for years now and we have been using it both personally and corporate since 2020 and since then we have no longer used other credit cards, both physical and via smartphone.

For the uninitiated Curve is a card that allows you to store other credit cards inside belonging to the MasterCard and Visa circuits, allowing you to use multiple cards – even virtual Revolut ones and the like – and choose where to debit the payment and even move it at a later time. For all the info and insights we leave you our reviews / specials:

Curve has not only brought so many new features, but was chosen by both Xiaomi and Huawei for the management of contactless payments for Mi Band 6 and for the new smartphones of the Chinese company without Google services.

Curve is however compatible with all payment systems including Apple Pay, Watch, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and obviously physically in the store. The novelty of the last few hours concerns the introduction, in beta at the moment, of the Smart Rules, or rather the automatic rules for debiting payments.

Curve, allowing you to manage multiple credit cards internally, allows you to choose where to debit each transaction. With the Smart Rules you can automatically choose to make all payments fall back of a certain type – for example food, travel, entertainment, etc. – in a specific card without having to change it by hand each time or take advantage of the functionality Go Back in Time to change the payment system after having already paid.

However, the Smart Rules can also be applied by amount and not just by category. So you can make sure that for every transaction greater than X or less than Y, one card is automatically used rather than another. This is a very simple system to set up and, although in beta, well done.

The Smart Rules are currently in beta and may not be active for all accounts. However, the system already seems solid enough even if some options are missing. In particular, in the search it is possible to choose the types of purchase by category ma not for shopkeeper / seller even if this works it should arrive. This would be a further feature that would allow the automatic debiting of certain expenses made in fixed merchants on dedicated cards (let’s simply think of business lunches always made in the same place that could be automatically charged to the company card).

If you want more information or activate the Curve card, you can see the official website on this page.

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