Crysis, the new Crytek FPS has a game director | Official

As we know Crysis will return to haunt our poor video cards: the announcement of the development of the fourth chapter dates back to the beginning of this year. In the past few hours, Crytek has released some small but important updates on the project: the game will be directed by Mattias Engström, who previously served as game director for Hitman 3 at IO Interactive. Engström already has a rather substantial career, as he has worked, among others, at:

  • Hitman 2
  • Assassins Creed: Revelations
  • The Division

And also Far Cry 3, which as you know is in a certain sense “relative” of Crysis (it was in fact the first game of Crytek, who then decided to sell the franchise to Ubisoft to focus on Crysis), as a level designer. Hitman 3 is definitely the highlighthowever, given the position held – and the excellent result obtained in terms of appreciation of the game.

It should be pretty clear at this point, but it’s better to reiterate it, that you never know: the game is still a long way off if only now a game director has been hired. After all, Crytek itself said at the beginning of the year that it has just started work, and as we know titles of this magnitude have multi-year development cycles. Maybe that’s for the best, because the fans were already starting to shake on our video card. In short, updates will follow!

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