Corvette, the hybrid version will arrive in 2023. Then there will be the electric

The Corvette will be hybrid and then also 100% electric. Mark Reuss, president of General Motors, has confirmed that an electrified (hybrid) version of the sports car will arrive next year. Next, it will be the turn of a 100% electric Corvette. At the same time as this announcement, Chevrolet shared a small video teaser through its social channels in which the hybrid model can be seen in action.

The short clip doesn’t reveal much, although the Corvette doesn’t look much different from the current model. Unfortunately, the camouflage livery does not allow you to appreciate any design differences. But how will the powertrain be structured? The American brand has not yet wanted to share any technical details about this car. Mark Reuss he just added that more information, including electrified and electric model names, will come later.

Past rumors claimed that this car could have happened call E-Ray and that it could have used a powertrain consisting of the engine of the current Stingray in combination with an electric engine (in the past there was also talk of the possibility of the presence of two electric motors). Plug-in technology will probably be adopted.

The electric motor looks like it will deliver traction to the front wheels. In fact, in the video teaser, you notice this particular detail. This means that the hybrid Corvette will also be the first Corvette equipped with all-wheel drive. However, there will be a way to find out more details about the powertrain over the next few months.

We have been talking about a 100% electric Corvette for some time. Unfortunately, there is a lack of precise information on what it will be like. However, one can easily assume that it will use the Ultium platform of General Motors and that will be able to count on a powertrain with two or three electric motors.

Certainly an electric version of the Corvette will make a lot of discussion among fans of this brand but General Motors has been very clear about it. To find out more, you will have to be patient and wait for further information from the American car manufacturer.

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