Citroen thinks of an electric for less than 20 thousand euros

Citroen, as a brand of the Stellantis Group, will in the future increasingly focus on electrification of the range of its cars. Apparently, however, the French brand aims to want to offer affordable models. Vincent CobéeCitroen CEO, in an interview with Challenges makes it known that in the future, perhaps as early as 2023, an electric will arrive for less than 20 thousand euros.

For the number one of the French brand, the future of the automobile does not lie in the electric SUVs from 2.2 to 2.5 tons at 50-60 thousand euros. These are models that are suitable for the elite of Parisian executives but do not allow to meet the mobility needs of people. For this, Citroen intends to offer electric cars at affordable prices even at the cost of accepting a shorter range.

Vincent Cobée thus promises one future small zero-emission Citroen C3 which could arrive as early as 2023 at a price of less than 20 thousand euros. Apparently, this car which will also be offered with petrol engines will share the foundations with the C3 for the Indian and South American markets that will debut this summer. Car that will use the GMP platform.

Although the car will have several points in common with that for the Indian and South American markets, the design will be different. This future vehicle is expected to be produced in Slovakia, like the current one, for the European market. Therefore, it seems that Citroen wants to carry out an operation very similar to that carried out by Dacia with its Spring.

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