Citroen My Ami Buggy, the small electric dune buggy for leisure | Video

Citroen My Ami Buggy is still only a concept but not said that it cannot arrive in the future as a special version of the small Citroen Ami, an electric quadricycle that is very popular in Italy. The French brand wanted to take its small city car to reinterpret it in a very particular way. The result is the Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept.

The new Ami Buggy does not change in platform, motor or battery compared to the electric quadricycle we already know and have tried, it simply becomes more aggressive in lines, halfway between a beach / off-road set-up.


Citroen has turned the Ami into a kind of small electric dune buggy. To emphasize the new look of the car, the presence of specific elements such as knobby tires, bull bars, hubcaps and headlight grilles. The widened wheel arches and the tubular protections at the base of the doors contribute to a more muscular appearance. On the roof, however, we find an LED light bar and a spare wheel.

The concept features a few as well references to Mhari. In fact, Citroen has decided to remove the doors that have been replaced by transparent waterproof sheets that can be used in bad weather.A protruding roof has been mounted above the windshield, in continuity with the roof, to provide protection in case of rain. The interior, of course, has also been revised. We find, for example, new Advanced Comfort seat pads whose foam has a thickness that goes from 35 mm of that of Ami to 70 mm.

The storage compartments of the Ami have been specially redesigned. In addition, a specific line of luggage has been created and each element adapts perfectly to the interior spaces of the vehicle. The different accessories made for this special model (new supports for smartphones and cameras and more) were obtained through a 3D printing process.

Nothing has been said about the technical specifications. This means that the powertrain has not changed. So, we have a 6 kW electric motor powered by a 5.5 kWh battery. Some of the customizations featured on the concept car will be available among the Ami accessories.


[Aggiornamento 23/04/2022 con video]


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