Change of residence online for all Italians: this is how it works

From today all Italian citizens will be able to carry out change of residence online, directly from the portal of the National Resident Population Registry (ANPR). After an initial application phase, which began last February in about thirty administrations, the service has now been extended to all municipalities. For the Municipality of Romepending the completion of the technical interventions, until 30/06/2022 the online change of residence service is available on the portal of the same Municipality.

This new service, which is added to the possibility of downloading the registry certificates, allows adult citizens registered in the national registry to carry out:

  • change of residence for the transfer from any municipality to another on the national territory, or for repatriation from abroad for Italian citizens registered with AIRE;
  • change of residence in the same municipality, on the national territory.

This is the comment of Renato BrunettaMinister for Public Administration:

“From today all over Italy you can request with a click the change of residence from one municipality to another or repatriation from abroad. This is another important result obtained by the ministers Colao and Lamorgese with the Anpr project, Registry of the resident population, which since last November allows users to download 14 personal certificates online. This is only the beginning of the revolution underway in the Public Administration, which sees the training of public employees and the enhancement of their digital skills as a fundamental element of modernization. ‘goal of a more efficient public administration, friendlier to citizens and businesses, more inclusive “.

You will be able to access the Residence service – in the area reserved for citizen services in the registry portal – with their digital identity (Electronic Identity Card, SPID, or CNS). From the portal it will be possible to send a request for both a new residence and for existing family residence.

If you select New residence, it is possible to change the residence of the whole family or of some members; in the latter case a new family will be generated. This choice must be made when:

  • transfer your residence alone or with some members of your family of origin to another home where no one is currently resident;
  • transfer your residence alone or with some members of your family of origin to another home where there are also other people with whom you do NOT have / have any family or emotional ties.

If you select Existing family residence, this choice allows you to request for all the persons indicated in the form, registration in the address indicated where a family with which you have family or emotional ties already resides. By making this choice it will be necessary to indicate one of the members of the family in which you want to join.

Once the data entry has been completed, if the declarant is the only one who changes residence or is the only adult among those who change residence, he can proceed directly to sending it to the Municipality; if, on the other hand, other adult members of the family change residence in addition to the declarant, before sending the declaration the other adult members must validate the data entered by accessing their reserved area via CIE / CNS / SPID. When all the adult members have carried out the Validation, the declaration will be automatically sent to the Municipality.

Furthermore, from the reserved area it is possible to consult the progress of the request presented and indicate an email to which to receive updates.

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