Car incentives 2022, the green light from the Court of Auditors arrives

The new 2022 car incentives take a new step forward. A few days ago we took stock of the situation, given that the Government had not yet carried out all the necessary steps to make them operational. As we had said, three important steps were still missing, namely the green light of the Court of Auditors which had to carry out a preventive check of legitimacy, the publication of the Dpcm in the Official Gazette and the adaptation of the Ecobonus IT platform.

The good news is that the Corte dei Conti has finally given the green light. Now, therefore, only the last two steps are missing.

From the MISE they let it be known that the last formalities will be carried out as soon as possible. Publication in the Official Gazette it could, theoretically, arrive as early as today evening. Badly, it should be a matter of days. At that point it will be necessary to perform the adjustments to the Ecobonus IT platform which allows dealerships to book the contribution.

The adjustment could take some time as the novelties of the new incentives are different as not only contributions for cars but also for electric commercial vehicles are on the way. electric motorcycles and endothermic motorbikes. The changes to be made are therefore not few.

At that point everything will be ready to finally make the new contributions available. The beginning of their availability can be assumed around the middle of May. Certainly, as already happened for the past incentives, the MISE will communicate in time the effective date from which they will be made available.

The problem will be figuring out how long the funds will last. As we wrote last time, the dealerships are accumulating orders, ready to make the request for the contribution as soon as the platform is put online. Especially for models in the 61-135 g / km CO2 range there is a risk of a click day.

The Government will then have to resolve some doubts concerning the delivery constraint within 180 days of the incentivized vehicle and the obligation of the buyer of the possession of the car purchased with the incentive of at least 12 months. As regards the delivery constraint, 180 days are considered too short given the situation in the automotive sector with delivery times that are getting longer due to of the chip crisis which is slowing down the production of cars.

We also need to clarify what happens if a buyer does not respect the minimum 12-month constraint.

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