Call of Duty Mobile improves on the Galaxy S22, but we’re not there yet

The case of Call of Duty: Mobile on Galaxy S22 with SoC Exynos 2200 it caused a lot of discussion, since it created an unprecedented situation in which the most recent top of the range of one of the main companies in the sector offered a clear worsening of the gaming experience compared to its predecessors.

The reason for this is very clear and emerged immediately: the new SoC is equipped with a Xclipse 920 GPU based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecturea solution that has never been adopted before in this area and therefore not fully supported by games and any other Android software.

In Call of Duty: Mobile this resulted in the inability to run the game with acceptable graphics settings. The only options available, in fact, were those that allowed you to set the graphics to low details and the frame rate to 60 fps (value High). Fortunately, things have changed in the last few hours.


The CoD: Mobile update released in the past few hours, which among other things also introduces the new seasonbrings with it major performance improvements for the S22ssince we now find a wider selection of graphics settings and refresh rate that make the gaming experience more enjoyable even on the top of the Samsung range.

The screenshot you see above comes from our Galaxy S22 Ultra (here you can find the review) and, as you can see, it is now possible select the most advanced graphics quality and a higher frame rate compared to what it was possible to choose until a few hours ago.


Although qualitative improvement is important, the new update of CoD Mobile does not allow the Galaxy S22 to compete on equal terms even with the top of the range of the last generation. In addition to missing the option Ultra for the frame rate in multiplayer mode, what is striking is that the maximum selectable combination of graphics quality and refresh rate is lower than that possible on a top of the range with Snapdragon 888.

Comparing the screen above with the previous one, in fact, it is possible to notice how S22 Ultra stops at the graphic combination Very high and frame rate Very highwhile on the latest generation devices it is possible to select the option Ultra for the frame rate with the same graphic quality. By choosing Ultra on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, you are brought back one level (then you go to High) regarding the graphics.

Note: this is valid regardless of the resolution set for the smartphone display, so the combination of settings remains the same in both QHD + and FHD +.


It is therefore clear that Samsung’s new top-of-the-range products require even more optimization and refinement work, given that the Xclipse 920 GPU still presents an unprecedented architecture in the mobile field. Of course, the current state of things has significantly improved compared to the scenario that was presented to players even just yesterday, but the fact that a model from last year continues to offer superior performance and configurations is still an aspect to be corrected in a smartphone that has focused a lot on its graphics sector and on the close collaboration with AMD. We therefore await further news in this respect.

(updated February 28, 2022, 09:32 am)

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