Building a quantum computer is a game with Google’s Qubit Game

Quantum computing is one of the most interesting and complex horizons of technological development. And therefore it comes to believe, rightly, that it is a field unapproachable by the layman. Google, however, thinks differently, and to celebrate World Quantum Day (which falls on April 14) has developed a game that allows everyone to become familiar with this world and its fundamental rules.

We are talking about The Qubit Game, browser game developed by the Mountain View giant in synergy with Doublespeak Games: to try it just follow the link in SOURCE. The purpose is to build your own quantum computer facing a series of challenges that mimic those that quantum engineers really have to deal with, conserving the cold qubits and blocking the fearsome cosmic rays, always lurking and ready to spoil all the work.

Continuing in its mission, it will then be necessary to discover new updates and complete research projects: clearly we are facing an extreme simplification of quantum computing, but Google has nevertheless developed the game with an educational intent.

The principles that are learned while having fun with The Quibit Game, therefore, are authenticand big G’s hope is to arouse people’s interest in the subject, which apparently hasn’t been attracting many young talent lately, resulting in a shortage of qualified personnel to carry on the development of real projects.

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