Bosch tests technologies to reduce the cost of ownership of electric car fleets

Bosch joins forces with Mitsubishi and Blue Park Smart Energy, a company of the Chinese company BAIC, to experiment with new services related to electric mobility. Specifically, the German company aims to make corporate fleets less expensive and easier to manage composed of zero-emission cars and, to do so, it makes use of the collaboration of the House of the Three Diamonds and a Beijing company specialized in battery swap.


First of all, Bosch wants to experience the benefits of data analysis through the cloud. This practice, which will take place through the company’s “Battery in the Cloud” platform, will allow the collection and interpretation of numerous information coming from an electric car and verifying its correct functioning in real time. This way, the cloud will read it battery health and, at the first signal of anomaly, it will intervene suggesting a pause or a check.

By doing so, the system will prevent more serious damage from occurring. Not only that, always through the cloud, a special software will be able to understand what actions to take to better preserve the batteries, reducing their decay and extending their useful life. For example, in the face of very high or very low temperatures, the system will automatically suggest not to recharge the batteries to 100%, so as to avoid subjecting them to excessive stress,


The aims of the collaboration between the three companies also include testing the feasibility of battery swap systems, that is, of flying replacement of the batteries. Battery swap, a technology that is gaining momentum in China thanks to companies such as NIO or Xpeng, which are starting to offer it also in Europe, on the one hand it gives the possibility to reduce recharging times, on the other it allows to have a battery that is always in good health, thus extending the useful period of use of an electric car. Finally, again thanks to the battery swap, Bosch wants to give those who want to renew their fleet with zero-emission vehicles the opportunity to lower their purchase costs, not including the battery, which will be made available instead through a rental contract. in its own right.

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