Bosch eBike, new features arrive for the eBike Flow app

Thanks to a new update of the eBike Flow app, Bosch provides new functions for eBikes. With the SmartphoneGrip that allows you to fix the smartphone to the handlebar of the bike, using the eBike Flow app it will be possible to transform the mobile device into a real cycle computer.

With the intelligent system, we have laid the foundation for the eBike mobility of the future. This first update demonstrates the potential of the new generation of systems: In conjunction with the smartphone and the eBike Flow app, the eBike will be continuously integrated with new functions. In this way the physical experience on the eBike will be increasingly linked to the digital one.

All relevant driving data (speed, battery charge status and remaining range) are displayed on the Ride screen of the eBike Flow app on the smartphone. The control can be done by keeping both hands on the handlebar in a safe and intuitive way, through the LED Remote controller. In addition, the smartphone can also be recharged by induction or via cable while pedaling.

Among the novelties, first of all comes the new one navigation function the eBike Flow app. How does it work? The cyclist can plan his bike ride directly from the application. Bosch explains that the map display has been optimized according to the selected route profile. For example, information such as elevation and track characteristics are shown on routes. Points of interest such as bicycle shops and charging points for eBikes are also displayed.

By recording pedaling data via the eBike Flow app, after a one-time connection with komoot or Strava, it is automatically transferred to the apps. Once you have reached your destination, you can share your routes with your community.

There also comes eBike Lock “anti-theft” function. Once set up via the eBike Flow app, the smartphone turns into a digital key. Only when the system recognizes the paired smartphone via Bluetooth can the electric motor of the eBike start up. To get the news, simply download the update from the App Store or Play Store.

In addition to the news for the eBike Flow app, there are updates also for the Kiox 300 display. Specifically, the status bar can be customized before pedaling to always have important data such as charge status, time or speed under control. In addition, when climbing hills, the screen shows if the eBike Lock protection is activated and if there is a connection to the smartphone.

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